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Sans l’Education nulle Nation ne pourra relever le défit de son Développement.

Translation: Without education no nation, can meet the challenge of its development.

Meet Ibrahima Togola, a native of the African nation of Mali, and proud supporter of Yeah Samake. Yeah Samake is a political powerhouse soliciting lovers of democracy like Ibrahima to stand in support of democratic government in their nation. Ibrahima is also a proselyte of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and an active participant in Twin Mormons on Facebook. Ibrahima decided to share his faith and story with the world about his love of

Jesus Christ, his desired membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his support of Twin Mormons.7546275_f260

Ibrahima the Twin Mormon

Twin Mormons is an ideology referring to Black Latter-day Saints in Africa and and America who look similar, but have differing experiences. The idea is that these two groups of people can help to support each other as members of the Church of Jesus Christ by sharing testimony and support one another by bridging socially through the Twin Mormon Facebook page.

With over a thousand members and growing, the Twin Mormons Facebook page is also a window to Christianity for Ibrahima. Currently, The Church of Jesus Christ is not

 officially organized in Mali, but interest in the faith of the saints grows with Yeah Samake in the spotlight being that he and his family members are the only members of the church in the predominately Muslim nation.

Twin Mormons does not discriminate about who its members are and allowed Ibrahima, an unbaptized investigator of the church, to join and express his faith on the Facebook

page, which he does so frequently in French, one of four languages the young 18-year-old man speaks. Ibrahima is currently attending University of Bamako Mali and plans to enter the waters of baptism in Ghana this summer 2013.

When asked if his family supported his decision to become Christian and join the church,

Ibrahima responded that in Mali religion is free. He said Malians are free to believe as they wish. He comes from a family with ten children where eight still are living, he being number six.

I discovered in an interview with Ibrahima that Dale Wight, the founder and organizer of Twin Mormons Facebook page, sent Ibrahima a copy of The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ after he told Dale of his interest in the church. From his readings in that book and association with Yeah Samake, Ibrahima has gained a testimony of Jesus Christ and desires baptism.

Since proselyting missionaries are not sent to Mali currently, Ibrahima through contact with Yeah Samake and other volunteers he has met with people who speak about the church. All the good things the LDS do through the church help Ibrahima’s desire to become associated with it and to follow Christ and do the same good works.

Ibrahima said, “I was born in a poor family. To find a meal is too difficult and we had to go to school without eating. We have problems in our family for tuition. Despite all these problems I endure. I thank the Latter-day Saints for showing me the way of the Savior and I trust he will do miracles in my life. Amen. Though he has little in the way of worldly possession, he is young and full of hope that his new found faith will help him to be successful and his struggle will be worth the reward as he prepares for baptism and membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”