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Meet Olatunji Famosa, who is Director at Famo Mathematics Clinic, Osogbo, Nigeria. He is a man of strong faith and of good report. In his own words he provides a snapshot of himself for the world to see his faith and love for God.Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints in Africa and America.

It is a place on Facebook where like-minded people of faith may interact and share the different experiences they have. It is a movement to show the Black Saints all over that Mormons are more than White people from Utah. Mormons are a mixture of all the children of Adam!

 The Words That Inspired Olantunji

Frater Cecil A.Poole quoted in his book, The Eternal Fruits of Knowledge, part of a verse,

“For the eternal purpose of the Lord shall roll on”(Mormon 8:22).

I wonder if he ever thought of the great good the quote would do in the lives of many souls. I read it in December 1976; and it set me searching for the Book of Mormon which I got and bought in 1985!”

And out of small things proceedeth that which is great”.To the Lord be the glory.

I was brought into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by the Book of Mormon, and was initially retained in the Church by its Articles of Faith.

The journey began some time in 1976 when I read a Rosicrucian Publication entitled “The Eternal Fuits of Knowledge” by Cecil A.Poole.

I immediately became interested in procuring and reading the Book of Mormon; however, having a Muslim background, the name, Mormon,sounded to me Arabic. It took me nine years of diligent searching to get the Book of Mormon, two copies of which were bought in May 23,1985.

263600_100694600027314_4950700_nI read it and was fascinated by the eternal principles found therein; but I did not realize there was a church whose keystone was the Book of Mormon. I never wanted to belong to any religious organisation that would restrict my freedom to seek for the truth from whatever source, having been exposed, in my formative period, to world religions, psychology, theosophy, philosophy, mysticism and many inspirational writings. I was in search of a church that was true enough to embrace all truths.

On February 8,1997,twelve years after I had been studying and using the principles found in the Book of Mormon, I attended a fireside organised by a newly formed unit of the Church in my area. The following day I attended the sacrament meeting,and out of all that was said that day, the statement made by Sister Dadson, the wife of the then mission president, aroused my interest. She said members and those interested in joining the Church should cultivate the culture of reading and studying; and should not expect to come and warm benches, wriggle the body, clap hands and go home.

It was as if she was directly addressing me! I thought within myself as I listened to her talk attentively: Do they have more than the Book of Mormom and the Bible?Do they have books the reading of which shall take me more than a few months to complete?And culture of reading and culture of studying?Let me find out what they have to offer.

Consequently,at the end of the service I waited together with other visitors to be taught by the fulltime missionaries. They taught, among other principles, the Word of Wisdom which was familiar to me though not called by that nomenclature.

Formally I stopped taking mineral water in 1969 and any form of alcoholic beverages. In 1976 the drinking of tea, coffee and beverages was stopped. Vegetarianism(lacto) was embraced by me. Having told the full-time missionaries the benefits which I had derived from so living, I was asked to read D&C 89:18-21 and the promises concurred with my perceived benefits.The Word of Wisdom first gave me the conviction that the Prophet Joseph Smith was called of God. It was on that day I told my wife I had found the true Church. Other principles that really brought about my conversion were found in D&C 130:18-21. I could relate them to my previous knowledge.

On March 9,1997 I was happy to be baptized into the true Church I have been searching for, the first and only Church I have ever belonged to. It was very easy for me to know that it is the restored Church.

However, my retention in the Church was sealed the evening I studied and meditated on the Articles of Faith. I knew and still know that only a prophet of God could have written them. I had never thought any Christian body could embody them, and I wept that evening.

In the course of my membership, I have come to know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stands for truth, for education. I am always excited whenever the General Authorities quote my heroes and heroines such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ralph Waldo Trine, Williams James, James Allen, Thomas Carlyle, David Henry Thoreau, Marcus Aurelius, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, C.S.Lewis, Dr Norman Vincent Peale and others I have come to know that very definitely “Truth is Mormonism.”

I do not hate any religion; every religion has something good to offer. I am ever grateful to the Lord for my membership of His Kingdom on earth. He has been merciful to me and my family.

285636_286160284814077_753754857_nMy wife, realizing that I have found the true Church and was committed to it, got baptized before the end of 1997. All our children are baptized and active members of the living Church. The Family-A Proclamation To The World has been of great help in addition to the four standard works of the Church and the teachings of the living Prophets in bringing about peace,understanding and love in our home.

The morning and evening family prayers, and the family home evening program have been miracle-producing. I commend my wife for her efforts in waking up the family for morning devotion during which we study the scriptures.

I testify to the divinity of the work.I know it is the Lord’s Church restored with the Priesthood, built upon the foundation of Apostles and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone. I know we have a living Prophet of God, President Thomas S. Monson. In the name of Jesus Christ.Amen.

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