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I first learned about the Church around June of 1991 when my maternal Aunt met 

the couple missionaries in a Market where she had gone to buy some things. They talked to her a little bit about the Church and invited her to attend with them on Sunday. She accepted the invitation.

When she came home, she told us about her meeting with a couple who told her about their Church. She told us that on Sunday we would be going to town for Church. We were excited to go to Church somewhere besides our nearby Cathedral, which was a five minutes’ walk from home, where aunt was an active choir member.

On Sunday, my aunt, two of her children, my brother and I went to Church with her and never turned back. We traveled about 4 km (about 2 miles) from our home to a small suburb to get to Church, which was the only branch in our area.

In December of 1991, my aunt was baptized by Elder McNeil, one of the couple missionary who introduced her to Church. Meanwhile, two of my cousins and I were meeting with the Missionaries who used to come home most of the time to teach us. They were two young Elders from Ghana and Sierra Leon.

On 19, January 1992, my two cousins and I were baptized members of the Church too. We joined the Church because we were given an invitation of Baptism, but little did I know the commitment that I was to make with the Savior.

I was only a teenager who was only following what I was asked to do, but am glad I made the right decision. An older cousin helped us to make such important decisions because he was much older than were we, so we accepted everything he accepted.

A few months later, in October of the same year, my mother was baptized a member of the Church too. My brother was too young to be baptized at the time. He was only three years when we started going to Church. This was a strength to the family. Shortly after our baptisms, the Seminary Program was introduced in our area and my cousin encouraged me to attend the classes. We started with the Book of Mormon.

I remember, every evening I would walk to Church after school to attend my classes. I attended from Monday to Friday until a branch was opened in my area closer to home. I was blessed to attend Seminary until my graduation in 1995.

I attended Seminary an extra year before I went to Institute. I was actively involved in Institute until the time I left for my Mission in the Kenya Nairobi Mission in 1999.

When I returned home, I still got actively involved with institute until I graduated from institute. However, I was assigned to help with the Seminary class in my branch.

I was also called as a counselor in the District Young women Presidency. I later became a District Young women President. I have been blessed to serve in other areas like Counselor District Relief Society Presidency, Career Workshop

The opportunity to serve in Church as a missionary and as an auxiliary leader have trainer, Doctrine Class instructor, Music Chorister, Institute Instructor, and my current calling as a Counselor in Stake Young Women Presidency.

My Testimony and Knowledge of the gospel continue to grow because of the blessing I have received to serve Him.been a blessing, but also the best times of learning for me as a member. I have been blessed to learn the gospel so much through my experiences as well as reach out to Heavenly Father’s children in a special way that I would probably never will without these blessings to serve Him. 


I first learned about Twin Mormon about 7 months back when Dale Wight invited me to join the group. I was thrilled and didn’t hesitate to join because it was something about Latter-Day Saints, a family to which I belong. However, I must say that I have been greatly blessed as an individual.

Twin Mormon is a site that was created with an aim of bringing together Black Latter-day Saints in Africa and America to share the differences that exist among us. It also invites members our families and friends. Interestingly, it does more than that because of what it teaches.

It is a forum that is aimed at strengthening the Church in Africa through fellow-shipping and sharing of testimonies, uplifting messages, scriptural quotes, references, questions and answers, Family Home Evening ideas among other things.

Africa does not have a long history about the existence of the Church. Its existence can be traced back to the late 70’s. However, the Church continues to grow spreading out to as many countries as possible. Currently, the church is in 32 African countries and considered one of the fastest growing areas in the Church.

Some members are only first generation, second generation, or third generation in the Church. With this continued growth, its roots are further stretching as well and growing stronger, which is strengthening the Church in Africa. New areas continue to open up while in areas where the Church is already established numbers continue to increase. This may be attributed to what Elder Richard. G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said; “The African people are a kind and a patient people.”

Because of that continued growth, it is important that this growth and strength last for as many more generations to come. Twin Mormon is supporting that growth by ensuring that the members in Africa get to be strengthened in obedience to the principles and ordinances of the restored gospel. Through these times of spiritual degradation having groups like Twin Mormon help members to remain strong by reminding us of who we are and of what the gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us. 

Twin Mormon is helping to strengthen the gospel.

As members, when we realize how important the restored gospel in our lives then we will appreciate who we are, what we stand for and what is required of us as members of the Church.

When one realizes that she or he is a beloved child of Heavenly Father and that He It should be noted that the Church is a practical Church that always reminds its members about the gospel. Because of this, we are required to be practical too, which is why we are reminded as much as possible.

For instance, we are reminded to attend our Church meetings every week, to pay our tithing, to serve in Church, to perfect one another through Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching each month, Daily study of Scriptures.has a plan for each of us gives her or him a challenge to want to be like Him. Through the articles posted, members appreciate this fact and are strengthened in the gospel through remembrance of these simple yet important gospel principles posted each day, which drive us towards obedience to these principles of the gospel.

We are reminded about principles like, Faith, Repentance, Prayer, Fasting, Honesty, Obedience, and Service among others. A practical Latter-day Saint is expected to be practicing all these and many more making her or him be a part of a practical Church. Twin Mormon helps in becoming a practical Latter-Day Saints so we can be strengthened in the gospel.

Twin Mormon is used as a platform where members can share their experiences based on the gospel, which reaches out to as many members as possible across the continent and beyond. One of the challenges yet to be overcome in Africa is cultural beliefs some of which are not in line with the gospel teachings.

For instance, bride price has been a practice among many cultures in Africa. Through the experiences that members share or quotes given by the leaders of the Church, one learns how important it is to do away with such cultural beliefs that are not in harmony with the gospel teachings. This in the end strengthens members choosing to embrace the teachings of the gospel and become exemplary Latter-day Saints. Even to those that may be struggling would strive to live up to the standard as expected can learn how to get back on the straight and narrow path through the experiences or articles shared by the members.

Twin Mormon is helping to stretch the gospel further to reach out to as many people as possible. It is a missionary tool that is helping to bring awareness of the gospel to those many people out there as well as the blessings it brings when embraced. It is also helping to bring awareness of what the Church is all about and for what it stands. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of peace and happiness that brings its followers close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ upon obedience to its principles.

Twin Mormon is a group that is aimed at making all those associated with it become the kind of people that we ought to be based on the teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Twin Mormon is my learning aid because reading these posts is like reading my scriptures each day. I am growing in the gospel and striving to be that kind of person that Heavenly Father wants me to be. Twin Mormon helps me nourish myself and it has blessed my life in a way that I can’t imagine. It’s a great addition to my gospel learning tools that I have as a person to grow in the gospel. This gospel can never lose its purpose in our lives if only we endeavor to abide by its teachings and by doing so we continue to be strengthened.

Twin Mormons: Victoria Kasuubo

Victoria Kasuubo is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a member of the Twin Mormons group on Facebook. She has strong conviction about her place in the gospel of Christ and her support of Twin Mormons.

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