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10689490_10205734430663056_1282509909502579147_nI love God. I am a Christian. I am a Mormon

As members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we are encouraged to participate in good things.Black Latter Day Saints is a social group where Black Saints and their friends the worldwide can interact with each other and strengthen each other.

In his own, words Brother Chimwanja agreed to share his faith. He is one of the types of people that you will interact with on Facebook at the Black Latter Day Saint page.

I found out about the church through a friend of mine, whom I usually went church hunting with because we stayed in the same neighborhood; we used to go around every Sunday looking for a church that felt right.

My friend’s younger sister was the first to meet the missionaries. After her meeting, it seems that all my friends fell like dominoes meeting with the missionaries I was the last in the group to meet the missionaries.

The first time I met the missionaries was really a weird one. The two missionaries seemed not to be getting along with each other. Witnessing that almost put me off from having anything to do with them. I was looking for a church that felt right, not what those two were showing.

Interestingly enough, another set of elders convinced a friend of mine who is a critic of everything to come to church and be baptized! My friend, as I said was no easy find! What this meant to me is whatever these brethren had been teaching must be really powerful to sway him! So, I really wanted to know what they had to share then!

After lessons with the elders, April 10, 2004, I joined the church. The welcome I received alone was enough to convince me to become a member when I attended the first time! When you get to a new place, you are so confused. You don’t know what to do and where to go.

I was taught about the church and many important truths about the gospel. I was impressed with the commitments the elders required of me and how they checked if I accepted them through interviews before baptism I was afraid because I was young and a bit still in the world, but I accepted the challenge to stay clean.

The restoration was one of the most impressive teachings and biggest turning point when I received a confirmation from the spirit of the truthfulness of the gospel. It came strong some time after my baptism when I was called as a full-time ward missionary.

We went to teach a family. When I was teaching about the restoration, it came to me in a flash! I could see it all! It was laid out there in the New Testament. It was a collection of letters mostly on how to organize the church! It was the same with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Everything between the two was the same, which witnessed to me that indeed I am in the true church.

BLDS / Twin Mormons

I am a member of both Black Latter Day Saints and Twin Mormons because I was invited by Dale Wight. I enjoy how there we share and also view spiritual posts on the page with other saints. I am glad I did join the groups because the posts do strengthen me a lot.

Return With Honor
My Soul Hungered

All was not easy and smooth for me always. There was a time I fell away from the church. I soon learned wickedness was never happiness. I felt the pain of being without the Holy Ghost, an experience that caused so much anguish I could not bear myself!

It is hard to explain. It was like I was looking right at what I needed but because I allowed myself to stray; I could not touch or feel what was right before me, the gospel.

I think I understand when the scriptures warn that in the last days they (meaning me) shall seek the truth but will not find it because it is a famine of the gospel in the land. I could not find the truth because of my personal apostasy though the gospel was right before me!

One night after watching a movie called Return With Honor I picked up the Book of Mormon and I read Enos. I could not finish reading it for the tears in my eyes and on my cheeks, I knelt in prayer, and I was so overwhelmed I could not utter the words; but I knew too like Enos that I was forgiven.

I never wish anyone to lose the influence of the Holy Ghost. How terrible is it seeing your son sick and having the priesthood but failing to exercise it due to the fact that you are unworthy? I started coming back to the church to find what I was missing.

Brother Graham Shringirayi Chimwanja’s Witness

Jesus Christ is everything! The world is nothing without him. I am nothing without him. The thought that he came here for us overwhelms me. I tend to personalize his experience to get the understanding of his great love! He has touched my life in so many ways. He organized a church to the extent when it was restored it fitted well with the world that we live in today. Know that has helped me become who I am today. Through the teachings and principles of the gospel, I know that it is by him I understand love, forgiveness, and eternity.

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