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The purpose of this article is to highlight the diversity among LDS Christians. Black Latter-day Saints do exist and support a growing gospel community in truth. They invite all to come to Christ and find out what The Church of Jesus Christ has to offer.7719444_f260

I met Bobby online in theBlack Latter Day Saints group on Facebook and decided that I wanted to befriend him. He responded to me, “I always feel so excited whenever I meet returned missionaries like you who really love the gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ.”

I was not thrilled about the next thing he said, but his frank approach to the subject of retention in the church merited mentioning. He said,

It’s surprising so many people leave the church even when they had return from their missions. Honestly I don’t know where I would’ve been or become without the restored gospel. It has really blessed my life…

To many, Brother Bobby’s sincere expressions may seem like the same old saying found on the pages of every faithful Latter-day Saint Christian–and it is! What is significant about his experience is that he is a son of God willing to share the personal effect the gospel has had on him and his loved ones.

He testifies that

The gospel is what we all rely on for solutions to our problems. I went through a lot when growing up. I only learned why I survived or why my life was spared after receiving my patriarchal blessing while still on mission. We are blessed, brother, to have spiritual men of God as our patriarchs. I want to tell you that you’re still living because God has purpose for you.

Read what he has shared with us with the understanding that he is a true follower of Jesus Christ and a member of a great family of Latter-day Saint Christians who dot the world doing good with each step towards Christ–15 million strong and growing.

When Bobby was a young child, a family lived near his family by the name of the Bios who were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His association with them touched his life significantly and continues to effects his current choices. He said,

I used to go to church with them…not regularly.What I will never forget, or, what I have never forgotten when growing up was the primary song I learned on those visits, I AM A CHILD OF GOD! I love that song up till now!

Bobby tells His Story7719473_f120

When I became an adult, I was introduced to the church by the Filson family–particularly Grace Filson, mother and wife of the family. Grace, who of course is a member of the church was a neighbor of mine and she would send me on errands as a young man to shop for her.

One day she called me and said she would want me to meet with the 7719494_f260missionaries from her church because she would be happy to see me as a missionary someday.

I had grown up in a very rough area of town where usually kids do not want to attend
school, do not have respect for the elderly people and would do anything to survive.

This environment did not cultivate the type of people who are readily accepting of the gospel message–besides that fact that so many things were said about the church at that time even among my own friends!

I heard things like the church members drink human blood; Mormons have their own bible; you get rich quick when you join the church and many other such things.

Despite all these teasings, I still accepted to meet 7719542_f260with the missionaries. Thinking back, even before I accepted Sister Filson’s invitation to meet with the missionaries I had always admired the missionaries. Whenever I saw the missionaries, I was happy to know of young men so dedicated to the work of God.

I met with Elders Sawyer from Freetown, Sierra Leon, and Moa from Sa
cramento, CA, USA.
After our first discussion about the plan of our 7719544_f260Heavenly Father, which involves also the plan of salvation and The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of JESUS CHRIST.

After our first discussion, I pray over what they said. I concluded that this church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, cannot be from the devil as lots of people say or think. Many people tried hard to discourage me from studying the gospel with missionaries but they never succeeded.

In October 2000, I was baptized into the church. Since that time, I have always felt the love of our Savior JESUS CHRIST and that he is the only one I know to be the central figure in the plan of salvation.

I love him and his church. Without him I would not be alive today; and with him, I can
return to my father in heaven.I love his atoning sacrifice for all mankind.

Soon after my baptism, I learned so fast my desire to serve, I was called as a stake missionary. I began proselyting with the full-missionaries, which helped me to learn more about the church. I later felt the desire to serve a full-time mission myself. From March 2002 to April 2004 I served in the Nigeria Ibadan Mission.

I am glad to have served an honorable mission. I have never one day regretted sacrificing two years to serve the Lord. I love missionary work because it is really divine.

12543767_f260Bobby on BLDS

I decided to join Black Latter Day Saints to share share testimonies and ideas to uplift. I want to tell my brothers and sisters to be proud of who we are and to be grateful to God almighty that we now have the priesthood. Also and finally to make good friends–especially female friends to take to the holy Temple of our God!

I am happy I still read The Book of Mormon everyday as a member of the church.


Accra Ghana Temple 117th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father for using the Prophet Joseph Smith to restore his church on earth today.

Through the restoration of the gospel, I know that families can live together for time and all eternity. The restoration makes it possible for me to have the priesthood power of God and, of great importance to me, the Temple that I have on my home soil, the ACCRA GHANA TEMPLE where one day, if I find the love of my life, I will take her there to seal our marriage. In all these things, I say we thank Thee o God for a prophet!

I love the Savior Jesus Christ, his church and the great and wonderful leaders that he has given to us all over the world.

Ever since I joined the church, I have not looked back. I am indeed thankful to Sister Filson for introducing me to the missionaries. I am most especially thankful* to my mother for giving us the freedom to associate with whatever denomination we wanted to worship.

I am most thankful to God almighty that a year after my baptism my younger brother Samuel also was baptized.

Wrapping up!


Ghana Missionary Training Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Bobby served a full-time mission and worked at the Missionary Training Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Tema, Ghana as an instructor.

In conclusion, Bobby writes, “How great is my joy? To the missionaries that taught and baptized me, I will never forget you Elder Sawyer and Elder Moa.

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